5 Tips to Maximize your Earning Potentials

5 Tips to Maximize your Earning Potentials

LoadCentral is distribution solution platform that facilitates dispensing of e-Loads and e-PINs via SMS and web-interface using a wallet system.

Through LoadCentral anyone can start selling all available prepaid services for a minimum capital investment. Here are some of the tips that you might consider to boost sales and earn more:

Go Online

Through a fast-paced internet modernization, you will be able to reach much bigger market by doing this tip. Why waste your whole day doing Facebook, where you can access webtool to do online transactions and earn. Webtool – an application developed by LoadCentral to do retail transactions thru internet by logging in your account at www.loadcentral.net. By extending your access via internet will help you cater transactions faster and more efficiently. Advantage is at your hand by using this innovative feature.

Use LoadCentral Android App

With LoadCentral, you are at convenience in doing sales transactions. LoadCentral have developed a menu-based application for retailers who are using Android phones, making LoadCentral retailing more convenient using their mobile phones – anytime and anywhere. This application can be used with or without internet connection. Retail partners can choose to transact via SMS or online with a breeze! No need to memorize the product codes.

Download your LoadCentral Retailer App now at Google play!


This will aid you to promote your business and to help you connect with your target buyers. Raising awareness will give you a bigger market and much bigger audience. To help you with your merchandising, You can download the Tarpaulin layout by clicking HERE. DISPLAY IT! MAKE IT VISIBLE!

Know your Products

KNOW YOUR PRODUCT AS YOU KNOW YOURSELF! Our customers are more likely to trust us when we show confidence in ourselves and what we are selling. To be able to build this confidence, you as a sales person must increase your knowledge about your products and what you are offering. You may use creative sources of information to learn everything you have to know about your products.

These include:

  • Reviewing your product list on your webtool account;
  • Asking for a softcopy for updated product guide/s; and
  • Reviewing LoadCentral poster.

Successful sales person know all the products features and turn these into benefits for their customers. Use your knowledge about the products you are offering to make your customers’ experiences enjoyable and make them want to repeat purchase.

Be Updated

There could be so much means to keep you up-to-date. LoadCentral provides lot of access so you as our partner will always be updated with our development. You may try to consider these simple tricks and tips to be able to stay updated:

  • LoadCentral E-biz Fan page – like and follow our Facebook fan page, https://www.facebook.com/loadcentralebiz/, to keep you posted with what is latest;
  • LoadCentral Website – check regularly our website, LOADCENTRAL BLOG, for updates and other information;
  • Read the Webtool Crawler; and

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